Let me hold space for you to finish that creative project

2022 is almost finished, with Christmas decorations everywhere you go. Give yourself a present of completing an unfinished work.

As a writer, who used to write plays professionally for fourteen years, authored and published two books, taught in tertiary performing arts programmes, curated two visual arts shows and acted extensively for both stage and screen, I now focus on my screenwriting and directing work, as well as penning letters to various government organisations to help out relatives.

This means I am clear on knowing what the problem is, who my audience is and how I plan to solve or enlist other people (hence the government organisations) to help me solve the problem together.

SO If you’re thinking about an unfinished project like the book you’ve always wanted to write, the play you can’t seem to get out of your head or the big ideas, swirling in your brain you want accountability for sorting out, I can help hold space for you.

If you want to finish your creative projects or brainstorm creative ideas for you, here’s how you can work with me.

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