Acting in commercials for Pasifika women e-book on sale now!

Our director, Louise Tu’u, started off in the arts as an actor and after 21 years, is still doing this professionally.

Theatre, film and television, particularly in commercials, Louise is active.

Drawing upon her experience in production, where she was a production, locations, unit assistant and assistant director for over 50 TVCs (television commercials) and feature and short films such as O Le Tulafale (The Orator), Sione’s 2 and Night Shift, Louise also works as a casting associate for Adrian Dentice in Tamaki makaurau.

Louise Tu’u in the HMU (Hair and Makeup ) trailer, as Baku’s Mother in Warner Brother’s feature film, “10,000 BC” in 2006.

Her unique angle as a Samoan woman, who incidentally are the worst paid demographic in this country (Check out Pacific Pay Gap Inquiry for more information), has prompted to write an e-book how to work on acting jobs, specialising in TVC/commercial work. Buy it for your Pasifika mate who’s always wanted to act, or who’s made it to recalls but never quite landed the job.

Everyday until next Wednesday 14th December at 11am, when our director, Louise Tu’u, will do her free Facebook Live, a new tip from from Louise Tu’u upcoming e-book, “Acting for commercials for Pasifika women” will appear here online. We are pre-selling this beauty now. Buy it here. (NB: You can’t actually. Read why here).

Tip 1: Learn how to drive, preferably manual/stick shift. Why? Because you’ll be able to control the car, be able to do any driving job your character has to do as well as pick up production work and most importantly, in Auckland? Your car will be VERY hard to steal because everyone, including 8 year-olds, drives automatic. Of course, if automatic is easier/cheaper/you want an EV for Christmas, go for it. I’ve found for me, what a bonus it is to land manual driving acting jobs, simply because I was the only one who could drive manual confidently and repeatedly #setlyfe.

If you want to finish your creative projects or brainstorm creative ideas for you, here’s how you can work with me.

Pre-order a copy here for $50 or you can order, using this QR code below.

These e-books will be available to download by December 22, 2022.

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