Tip 2: Acting for commercials for Pasifika women

Everyday until next Wednesday 14th December at 11am when our director, Louise Tu’u, will do her free Facebook Live, a new tip from from Louise Tu’u upcoming e-book, “Acting for commercials for Pasifika women” will appear here online. We are pre-selling this beauty now. Buy it here. (NB: You can’t actually. Read why here).

Tip 2: Come early but not too early. Enigmatic? No, practical. When working in casting, we want actors to come early, maybe 15 minutes at most beforehand to fill out forms and do measurements but not TOO early like 20 minutes and before then. Make sense?

And coming late? Let your agent know as soon as you know you are coming late so they can let the casting director know. People are reasonable but don’t take the piss by exploiting their goodwill. Everyone has and develops a reputation in this small industry, good or bad and in between. Because you’re brown and a woman, you will be very memorable.

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