Tip 3: Acting for commercials for Pasifika women

Everyday until next Wednesday 14th December at 11am when our director, Louise Tu’u, will do her free Facebook Live, a new tip from from Louise Tu’u upcoming e-book, “Acting for commercials for Pasifika women” will appear here online. We are pre-selling this beauty now. Buy it here. (NB: You can’t actually. Read why here).

Tip 3 is an easy one and really useful, especially if you are wanting a career, acting in commercials. Learn people’s names, especially your fellow cast members and crew.

The amazing Remix Plastic name tag, based in Otautahi, Aotearoa. Buy one here!

Even if you think you can barely remember your own, think of what it feels like when people mispronounce or can’t remember your name. I worked on a shoot recently where people had different versions of a young actor’s name. It didn’t help that the kid seemed indifferent to other people or direction so he didn’t correct cast or crew who consistently mispronounced his name.

So when you’re next on set, learn the names of crew members who will help you such as HMU (hair and make-up), the director, the 1st Assistant Director and other cast who you are acting with. Bonus points if you can learn and remember more people.

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