Tip 6: Acting in commercials for Pasifika women

Everyday until next Wednesday 14th December at 11am when our director, Louise Tu’u, will do her free Facebook Live, a new tip from from Louise Tu’u upcoming e-book, “Acting for commercials for Pasifika women” will appear here online. We are pre-selling this beauty now. Buy it here. (NB: You can’t actually. Read why here).

Tip 6: Join the Equity New Zealand, New Zealand’s actors union. This is a union, dedicated to empowering, protecting and advocating for performers (that’s you) rights in Aotearoa New Zealand. For a small amount each week, fortnightly or monthly, you will be able to access their collective knowledge of how to work as a professional actor, be invited to their regular events and meet other actors.

Come check them out here! https://equity.org.nz/

If you want to finish your creative projects or brainstorm creative ideas for you, here’s how you can work with me.

Equity NZ (Photo: Supplied)

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