Queer Yarns @ Auckland Art Gallery

Today, we ventured to the mezzanine floor of the Auckland Art Gallery as part of Queer Yarns. First, we tried our hand at crocheting and secondly, used that new found skill to make our own pride flag. It was a very popular event, with over 90 people coming in the time we were there, which was about 11.30am-1.20pm.

Thanks to our new friend, Jack (check out his beautiful boots!), whose incredible skill, patience and sense of humour to teach us crocheting, we managed one chain line (is that even a term?) and a line of single crochet in black. See our efforts alongside Jack’s beauty of a rainbow flag and Kurt’s short and sweet pink flag and our friend who is a fellow novice, Dave’s orange crocheting.

This event is supported by the Pride & Spark Empowerment Initiative and part of the 2023 Auckland Pride Festival.

See the full programme at aucklandpride.org.nz   

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