Problems with the law? Have ideas to improve your area? Contact your local Member of Parliament (MP)

Disclaimer: We are not at all affiliated with any political party. This post encourages citizens to use the publicly elected officials to help and actually contact them directly with civic issues. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

We currently live in a low socio-economic area called Otahuhu in the city of Auckland. It is a culturally diverse area, hampered by high levels of unemployment and amenities like public transport that works most of the time. We love living here, as we encounter a mix of people everyday and feel free to practise our art here.

But what happens when you have a problem with traffic infringements, disputes with shops and other common incidents of living in a poorer area? We’ve found lots of people resort to anti-social behaviour like destroying public bus stops, swear or intimidate strangers or if they are familiar with each other, have public arguments, reminiscent of live performances. As fellow brown people, we know what it’s like to be discriminated against, purely for what we look like. Recently, our director, Louise Tu’u, wrote of dealing directly with racists only last week at a community event, which ironically, is rallying locals to submit their views on a budget that is

Here’s a tip we have to spare everybody the unpaid drama: contact your local MP and share the problem with them. Here’s how to find them. Our local MP is the Honourable Jenny Salesa, pictured below.

They have been elected to help you and also need to know what’s happening to constituents in their local area so they have a record and can give you advice. (That’s you, regardless of whether you rent or own a house, etc).

By the way, Jenny Salesa’s Senior Support is Michael Clatworthy, who over the years, has been extremely professional, consistent and very reliable. So make sure you know who the senior person in the office is and call and email them.

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