Bike Auckland comes to Otahuhu!

Last night’s rain didn’t stop us, heading out to Otahuhu Town Hall to listen, meet and break bread with members of Bike Auckland. This non-profit organisation is dedicated to proactively encouraging people of Tamaki makaurau to consider using a bicycle as a means of transport, enjoyment and connection with other people.

Their travels to Otahuhu were to engage in a meaningful way with locals about their cycling habits, what prevents them from biking around and how to practically get back on the bike and encourage others to do so as well.

Bike Auckland’s Chief Biking Officer, Fiáin d’Leafy, sharing one of the many exciting and practical projects to the many bike champions.

Thank you Angie, Nadia, Teva, Fiáin and other Bike Auckland staff who shared their enthusiasm, skills and alofa with us.

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